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After-sales service

1. Shipping Instructions
1) After the order is confirmed, the shipment will be completed within 5 working days (excluding weekends and national holidays)
2) Shipping time: Monday to Friday (excluding weekends and national holidays)
3) Delivery method: home delivery to the home (Uniform express black cat delivery service) 7-11 pick up at the store
4) If you need to cancel the order if the product is out of stock, you will be notified by e-mail within five working days.

*For the following order of two or more items (included), the packages will be sent separately.
*7-11 pick-up and delivery time ranges from 7-10 days. If you need to receive the goods within 3-5 days, please choose home delivery.
*Please consider the volume of the purchase quantity. For consumers with more than two items, please choose home delivery.
(The longest side of the volume ≦ 45cm; the total of length + width + height ≦ 105cm; weight ≦ 5kg)

*The pre-ordered products may be temporarily canceled due to logistics, force majeure factors or factory outages. There may be problems with shipments or delayed shipments. Refunds will be made depending on the situation. Payment is deemed to be acceptance of the above situation.

2. Appreciation period
According to the "Consumer Protection Law", customers have a 7-day appreciation period after the arrival of the product (appreciation period ≠ try-on period). When trying on, please spread a piece of white paper or try it on a clean floor. If the sole/ If the upper is scratched, stained or worn out, the product cannot be returned or exchanged.
In order to ensure your rights and interests, please check whether there is any defect immediately after receiving the product. If there is any defect or delivery error, please contact customer service within three days and send the product back within seven days (including holidays). Seven days will not be accepted.
The seven-day appreciation period is calculated as within seven days from the day after the receipt, and the appreciation period is not a trial period. Please also note that please keep the product in a new state. The first day is counted as the first day after the day after the receipt of the black cat home delivery, regardless of whether the buyer himself signs for the receipt (administrator/family member, etc.), please be sure to pay attention.
PS. Please note that physical stores cannot handle returns and exchanges for online orders!

3. The following conditions are not defective:
1) Man-made defects
2) Small stains (less than 0.2 cm)
3) Color difference problem (each computer screen has different settings and brands, which will affect the color presentation of the monitor. It is inevitable that there will be differences in color difference and personal sensory perception, so the actual product color is the main product for shipment.)
4) The size table may vary slightly from the actual size due to different product materials

4. Do not accept and single
If there are in-stock and pre-ordered products, special co-branded shoes and beautifully ordered shoes in the order, they will be automatically shipped separately, and combined orders will not be accepted. If the ordered product cannot be shipped smoothly or is out of stock, we will cancel the ordered item and call you to notify you.

※The arrival date of pre-ordered products will vary depending on the product. Please confirm the arrival date information on the product page before purchasing.
※Due to production factors, there may be changes or delays in the delivery date of the product, thank you for your understanding.

5. Return and exchange instructions
[About the return and exchange of goods within the seven-day appreciation period]
Before completing the order, please be sure to reconfirm whether the size, style, color and quantity are correct. STEVE MADDEN's official website will strictly check the goods before sending them out.
When shopping on STEVE MADDEN's official website, if you need to return or exchange the product due to product defects, delivery errors, or inappropriate sizes, please contact customer service as soon as possible within the seven-day appreciation period after receiving the product.
For the above reasons of return and exchange, if the consumption amount reaches the free shipping threshold, no additional shipping fee will be charged for one exchange. If the payment amount does not reach 2,000 yuan after the return, you must pay 80 yuan for the shipping fee (80 yuan will be deducted from the refund amount). Customers who have not picked up the goods at the supermarket will also pay 80 yuan for the shipping fee (80 yuan will be deducted from the refund amount).
If you need to add or return the product within 7 days, please pay the shipping fee of 80 yuan. In order to avoid disputes, please return the product after receiving it. Returns and exchanges will not be accepted after the seven-day appreciation period! Please confirm the product before placing an order.
*Refund method: Pay by credit card, and the money will be refunded to your original credit card account. It will take 7-14 working days to complete the credit procedures after the refund, excluding holidays, please wait patiently!

[About the return of the gift, none of the gifts will be sent back]
If the amount of the retained product after the return does not reach the threshold of the full gift activity, the gift must be returned together with the returned product (brand new and unopened), and the original price will be calculated directly if it is not returned. In the case of insufficient deduction, the return of this order will not be accepted, and the return will be returned by home delivery (80 yuan for shipping)

6. Instructions that cannot be returned or exchanged
Please confirm whether the product is complete before returning or exchanging the product. The following products and situations will not accept returns and exchanges:
1.) The product has obvious traces of wear or use, the product has been artificially processed, the accessories and packaging are incomplete, etc., and returns cannot be accepted.
2.) The product must be intact and undamaged, including the product and original accessories and packaging (dust cover, transparent packaging bag, shoe box, gift box, gift and all accompanying documents...etc.) Return requests cannot be accepted.

7. Packaging instructions for returned goods
1) When returning or exchanging goods, do not directly paste the logistics list on the outer box or special packaging of the product. Please add an outer packaging bag to avoid damaging the outer box or original packaging of the product. If the original packaging is damaged, an additional 100 yuan packaging fee will be charged.
2) Please attach your name, phone number, order number, and address to the outer packaging of the returned product to facilitate inquiries about the return operation.

8. Calculation of general freight / outlying island freight and returns
1) The general package shipping fee is 80 yuan, and if the order is over 2,000 yuan, you can enjoy a free shipping discount.
2) Overseas and outlying island shipping costs are determined by the weight and size stipulated by the post office. We will pay 80 yuan for shipping, and the rest of the shipping costs must be borne by yourself.
3) Please return and exchange within the seven-day appreciation period, and the shipping fee must be borne by yourself. Returns and exchanges will not be accepted after the seven-day appreciation period! Please confirm the product before placing an order.
4) STEVE MADDEN's official website strictly controls the quality of the process, and will conduct a second quality inspection to confirm before sending out the package to prevent members from receiving defective products. Please shop with peace of mind.

9. Payment method
Credit card (VISA/MASTER/JCB)

10. Logistics
Always use home delivery (Black Cat Delivery Service/Hsinchu Freight)

-contact us-
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Business Hours: Monday to Friday, 10am-6pm

To remind you, if you violate the order and return rules formulated by STEVE MADDEN without reason or maliciously, the company has the right to suspend your account and refuse you to use this service, and put it on the transaction blacklist, please pay attention.



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